Monday, September 15, 2014

Tomato Must Haves

Every once in a while, I make it a point to add pieces to my wardrobe and personal stuff just so to update what I already have. Much as I am sometimes tempted to buy the first ones that get my attention, I have learned the value of choosing those that will go well with what I already have. My latest buys consist of what I would call my own Tomato Must Haves.

"Dusk" Shoulder Bag

I chose this bag for the following reasons:

1. Its roomy space which easily accommodates everything I need to bring with space to spare.
2. Its side pocket which can accommodate a small folded umbrella or bottled water, items which I prefer to find easily and not buried among my other things.
3. Its color which I can easily match with my clothes and shoes.

"Reptilia" Ballet Flats

I chose this pair of shoes for these reasons:

1. It matches the bag I chose.
2. It is very comfortable to wear.
3. Again, for its neutral color which I can easily match with my clothes and bags.

"Simply Chic" Wallet

I chose this because:

1. It was time for a change in wallet as my old one has been maximized in use.
2. For its neutral color as well since I don't intend to change wallets anyway for any change in clothes, bags, or shoes.
3. It accommodated everything I needed to be in a wallet in a very orderly way.

Tomato Online Store

I bought all these 3 items through the Tomato Online Store. I especially like the fact that "Cash on Delivery" payment option is available. My order was delivered 3 days from the date of my order.

So these are my Tomato Must Haves, what's yours?

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