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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Why Hold On to Fashion Heirloom Pieces

An heirloom is an object given so much value that it is passed on from generation to generation with much care. The care given to it is almost akin to reverence. Probably because, heirloom pieces tend to get fragile in time.

Personally, I had the privilege of using one such fashion heirloom piece when I became the Reyna Elena in a Santacruzan held in our village. Before that, I have been joining this yearly May festival as different "supporting" characters. You see, the Reyna Elena is considered the main human character in this parade.

During that parade, I was able to wear my dream ball gown and accessorized it with a very precious family heirloom - a beautiful long veil which I used as a cape. I felt so regal and beautiful. 

It felt good knowing I was wearing something worn by an ancestor and lovingly passed on to my generation. There are still a couple of heirloom pieces I'm looking forward to wearing. I know the proper time will come. 

I'm hoping that I will have the opportunity to pass them on to the next generation. We hold on to heirloom pieces because it is one way of connecting the past to the present.

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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Seeing Art in Face Masks

One of the best things that happened with the extended use of face masks is the opportunity it provided for artistry to shine through. With the acceptance of the reality that wearing face masks will be with us at least for a while, people are getting creative with its design. We are definitely seeing art in face masks.

Photo by Yaroslav Danylchenko from Pexels

Art is not limited to traditional forms like paintings, sculptures, or theater. It can also be presented in things used in everyday life. These are some of the face mask artful designs I found online.

Sequins Galore

The small, shiny and colorful disks sewn on the face mask truly transforms it into a sophisticated piece of accessory. This piece is just perfect for formal activities whether in limited numbers physically or online.

Canvas to Cloth

A piece of art painted on canvas come to life when painted on face masks. Aside from protecting the wearer, it promotes appreciation of the arts.


Beaded Artwork

The mere act of stringing beads together to form a design is an art in itself. This is usually done by following outline markings made on the cloth but some bead artists can create freehand designs. 

Own Face Mask

This is literally art borrowed from the face of the wearer. This artist actually designed a face mask that looks like you're not wearing one. It can literally make you smile even when you don't feel like it.


Crochet Art

Crochet enthusiasts swear that the activity in itself is like painting with yarn. The designs are limitless as the imagination.  


The only reason why wearing face masks have become more bearable is because of the freedom to wear it in fitting with our personality. Many have opted to DIY, allowing them to express themselves. This is in essence is art. 

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Monday, January 4, 2021

Fashion-Pandemic Style

The pandemic definitely changed the way people look at fashion. Having to deal with restrictions in movements due to health protocols that need to be observed, dressing up can feel tedious. Comfort therefore has become of primary importance. 

Photo by kira schwarz from Pexels

This does not mean becoming less fashionable though. Let's see how people's fashion sense are coping with the stress of Covid-19.  

Beautiful Face Masks

Who says we need to stick to plain medical-like face masks? We can be as imaginative as we can. Safety is still the main concern so make sure that your beautiful face masks gives you just that.

Photo by Michelle Leman from Pexels

Perfect Quarantine Shoes

How the Crocs became to go-to quarantine shoes is not very clear. Maybe because it's easy to wear. Even those who initially thought these shoes are ugly found themselves drawn to it. If you're feeling inspired to go high fashion, then you can consider the 10-inch Balenciaga version of this shoe design.


Comfortable Loungewear/Sleepwear

If you were told that you would be going to work in your sleepwear two years ago, you would have found that incredulous. Just one look at the zoom meetings happening now would show that it is actually happening. Some prefer to still go official by wearing corporate tops over a pair of shorts or pajamas. After all, what is usually seen are just the shirts and blouses worn.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Fashionable PPE

This PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)was probably designed by famous designer Michael Cinco to uplift the spirits and morale of medical frontliners. Facing pain and death on a daily basis can really be hard. With such hardships, it is very easy to lose sight of the beauty in life. 

Protective Face Shield

Designed to provide more protection without hiding the face, this face shield has a futuristic style to it. It makes us wonder if we will all be wearing this in the near future. 

So there you go, five items that we can reinvent ourselves so as not to totally sacrifice fashion during these difficult times. 
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

#STAYSAFE: Why digital protection for your eyes is a must during home quarantine

With the enhanced community quarantine currently in full effect and the COVID-19 pandemic continually posing a threat to lives not only here in the Philippines but all over the world, many find themselves holed up at home trying to make the most of the current situation. Regardless of whether you find yourself falling into the virtual black holes that are Netflix and Tiktok or continue to do work within the confines of your home, if you’re privileged enough to even have the option to stay home, then there’s one other health issue you might want to pay attention to while you’re at it. With all the time you’re spending in front of your mobile phone, computer, or TV screen, it’s highly likely your eyes are not getting the care they need. 

Even with the common knowledge that digital devices can impair vision, most people tend to ignore this fact and continue to overexpose their eyes to the harmful blue light that these devices emit. The health issues this can bring about include headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, sleep disorders, dry eyes, and of course, the inevitable eye strain. And while there are quick fixes such as the 20-20-20 rule (that is, looking at something about 20 feet away from you for about 20 seconds for every 20 minutes of screen time) or adjusting your devices’ display settings, actual protection is still better than attempts at prevention. Because while our eyes have lutein, a naturally-occurring antioxidant that protects the eyes from harmful blue light, it depletes as we age and, just like any other body part, requires proper care for it to be able to keep serving its purpose. 
This is where eyewear comes in. With our day-to-day activities becoming more and more contingent on technology and devices, and our eyes, therefore, becoming more and more susceptible to damage, it’s important to invest in lenses that work extra hard to protect them. Think long term and opt for lenses that both filter out blue light and protect the lutein in your eyes. This way, you not only prevent eye strain, body pain, or headaches, but you also get to safeguard your eyes from more permanent damage such as cataract, mascular degeneration (i.e. the leading cause of severe, permanent loss of vision), or blindness. And while all of this may seem alarming, the good news is that this particular eye care solution is available exclusively at Vision Express, the country’s premier optical store. 
As we all unite to fight the pandemic, take care of who and what matters most— yourself included. And once you get the chance, get yourself blue light-filtering, lutein- protecting lenses that will help you do exactly that. For now, remember to stay vigilant, stay home, and above all, stay safe. 
For more details and eye care tips, check out and follow @VisionExpressPH on Facebook and Instagram

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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Form & Function - Get Practical with Two Pairs of Sunglasses

Let's admit something that nobody talks about out in the open: getting the right kind of eyeglasses can be a pain in the a**, and quite appropriately, a pain in your eyes. It’s never as simple as just going to a store and buying a pair that you see on the rack or on the display window. You have to have an eye checkup, find the right frame, the right lenses, and have a fitting session.

And we’re just talking about reading glasses at this point.

Eye health experts are now recommending a simple solution to your eyewear woes. Now, more than ever, it’s actually more practical to have multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

Here’s a guide to some of the basic and essential kinds of eyewear and why you need them:

Sunglasses are your first line of defense against harsh rays from the sun. Some people use sunglasses with side shields to prevent the wind from harming their eyes. These are for activities like cycling or driving with your windows down.

Reading glasses are generally for people approaching old age. But if you’re having difficulty reading at a normal distance even at a young age, you should have your eyes checked immediately.

Computer glasses provide protection against “digital eye strain.” If the nature of your work requires you to be in front of a computer screen for 8-10 hours a day, or if you are used to playing long hours of online games, you need lenses that filter out high-energy blue light that can be harmful to your eyes.

Sports glasses include safety glasses and goggles designed for ultimate impact, resistance, and durability. If you are into into extreme sports or action-packed adventures, sports glasses are considered essential.

Fashion eyewear is a statement and personal branding in one. If you are the type of person who loves to impress, you have to have edgy frames that tell people who’s coming from a mile away. Nowadays, fashion eyewear can also serve as your signature look. But of course, you can mix it up according to your taste and fancy.

When it comes to pairs that cater to your every eye need, you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount. We recommend owning two eyeglasses with either the same function (to prevent overuse), or two pairs with different functions.

Instead of looking at it as a luxury, consider it a form of practicality. Vision Express’ Buy One, Get One deal allows you to take home 2 pairs of eyewear for the price of one. Vision Express also provides the most advanced and the most comprehensive 7-Step Eye Exam administered by our in-store eye experts. This is to ensure that you’re getting the right eyewear custom-built according to your needs. You may choose from a list of international brands for both prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

Next time you need a pair of glasses, be practical by adding another pair and go to Vision Express for all your optical needs. For more details, check out, and follow @VisionExpressPH on Facebook and Instagram.

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Thursday, November 7, 2019

"Shoot beyond limits" with the all new Vivo V17 Pro


There was a time when taking selfies was as basic as capturing one’s close-up image, often to highlight an appearance or a spectacular scenery in the background. While selfie shooters yearned to capture more elements in their frames, they were limited mostly by the technology of the front-facing cameras at that time.

In recent years, advancements in optics technology and software development have given birth to front-facing cameras that offer better resolution and image quality, as well as AI-enhanced photography apps. These, in turn, have transformed selfie shooting, from a mere trend, to a skill, even an artform.

Today, companies like Vivo, are taking the lead in pioneering technology that enhances the smartphone experience. This includes taking selfie shooting to new and higher levels.

Just a few months after unveiling its V15 Pro with the world’s first 32MP elevating selfie camera and an AI triple rear camera, the leading global technology company has already launched V17 Pro, the second flagship smartphone in its V series of midrange smartphones.

Now, improving from its predecessor, the V17 Pro boasts of another world’s first, an exclusive pair of front cameras—a 32MP main camera with f/2.0 aperture and 8MP 105-degree super-wide-angle camera—which ensures clearer and fuller selfies, in whatever environment.

Much like the V15’s selfie optics, the V17 Pro’s dual front cameras are tucked behind the smartphone’s notch-less Super AMOLED Ultra FullView™ Display, nestled in a wide pop-up mechanism that elevates as quickly as it retracts.

With the premium smartphone’s dual elevating selfie camera, users will never need selfie sticks to capture “groufies” or the splendid panoramic view behind them. All they have to do is access the super-wide-angle camera and “shoot beyond limits”.

For nighttime selfies, the front camera gets ample support from Selfie Softlight that lights up dark images and an exclusive Super Night Selfie mode which captures and combines multiple frames into one image to make one’s face stand out, especially in low-light conditions.

There is also a “Pose Master” feature which suggest several poses to match various photo scenes and backgrounds, to make one’s selfies even more creative.

Aside from its elevating dual selfie camera and AI powered and enhanced selfie apps, the V17 Pro also boasts of AI quad rear cameras—48MP main camera, 8MP super wide-angle, 2MP bokeh, and 2MP super macro camera—which can capture super macro images from a distance of just 4 cm., and super wide clear images, even in dark surroundings.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Voci Celesti - A Night to Remember

Voci Celesti: A Night to Remember ver 2.0 " is a fund-raising concert of the Saint John Bosco Parish and Center for Young Workers in Santa Rosa, Laguna featuring the Loboc Children's Choir  with the Children & Youth Choir of our parish and  Rev. Fr. Ting Miciano, SDB, on August 17, 2019 at 7pm in Enchanting Events Place of Enchanted Kingdom.

The Loboc Choir started way back in 1980.  Ms. Alma Fernando-Taldo, a fifth grade English and Character Education teacher founded the Loboc Children’s Choir. What started simply as a way to grace the small town of Loboc, Bohol with melodies and festivities eventually became one of the country’s symbols of pride and joy in the world of music. 

Numbering at around 30 gifted children, aged 9-15 years old, they have ventured into the music world to share with the public their unique talents and have since become one of the gems of the country.

Over the course of 39 years, they have competed and won several singing contests, both nationally and internationally, including the “national champion” award in the National Music Competitions for Young Artists (NAMCYA) in 1993, 1995, and 2001. Their renowned success led to them being called the “cultural treasure” of Bohol. Eventually, they had their first-ever international tour in Europe in 2006, and from its success, the choir released their cover album, “... And A Child’s Heart Sings.”

Bound by their philosophy to inspire hearts and minds everywhere through music, they also take the time to visit people in homes for the aged, hospitals, orphanages, and prisons, aside from competitions and regular performances for tourists looking for tunes in Bohol.

Also performing are two local choirs of Saint John Bosco Parish.  The first is the Pastol ng Bayan Children's Choir. This group was formed through their three principles of discipline, diligence, and determination, and has been singing every Sunday at the 10:30am mass. In addition to performing in church, they also participated in the “Holiday Cards” Christmas concert in Vista Mall Sta. Rosa, last December 2016. They won 1st Runner-Up in the “Voice of the Village Chorale Competition” in Filinvest City in the same month. 

The other youth choir, the Bosconian Voices Chorale, was formed in 2013.  The chorale currently sings during the 4:45pm Sunday mass. Composed of 15 talented individuals, they also recently had their mini concert last March 2015 entitled “Kapit Tinig sa Iisang Himig”, and they participated in the fund raising “Christmas Cantata” last December 2017.

Music knows no limitations. From various cultures, to geographical boundaries, music has touched the hearts and souls of countless people worldwide. Here in our home country, the Philippines, music remains as an essential aspect of our everyday lives. We sing and we dance for every occasion.  The Loboc Children’s Choir will be performing various tunes made by our fellow countrymen, from our very own shores. They will sing a beautiful rendition arranged by Ed Mangulat of Florante’s “Handog”; “Ikaw ang Mahal Ko”, a wonderful love song arranged by T. Arevalo and I.C. Ongsiako, and is written by National Artist Levi Celerio; a version of the Filipino folk song titled “Katakataka” by Santiago Suarez and Redentor L. Romero; and a rendition from National Artist, Mr.Ryan Cayabyab, and co-arranged by Fr. Arnold Zamora, about loving and caring for the environment, “Take us to the land called Paraiso!”

So come and have fun this coming August 17.  Enjoy the good music and at the same time, participate in this fund-raising campaign of our parish.  Hoping to see all there!!!
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