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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Animals

Fancy meeting you on Christmas Day. I heard all of you played an important role in our Parish Church's nativity set-up. I'm sure you played your parts so naturally well.

Don't look so lonely just yet. The Christmas season is not yet over. And even after , you can still be happy.

So I thought I'd dress you and your fence somewhat, just to lend a holiday cheer. I certainly hope you don't mind. Merry Christmas to the four of you!

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Girls, Women, and Their Bags

You will rarely catch me without a bag and that will be when I'm with my mother. That is because she always has a roomy bag with her which I can dump my necessities into. On my own though, carrying a bag is a must.

Fashionably Better Way of Carrying Things

There is definitely a better way of carrying things along than holding them in your hands all throughout. One of the most important things I learned from my mother early on was to take care of my personal belongings. Having a bag when going out is what she calls the fashionably better way of carrying things.

Through experience, I know how easy it is to lose things when we just hold on to them with our hands. The chances of leaving them somewhere is high. Having a bag ensures that all my things are inside unless I forget to put something back, but that is another story. 

Girls and Bags

Being a growing up girl, I don't have much things to take along with me except for some necessities like my hairbrush, hair clips and ties, because of my long hair, plus some toiletries. I also bring a small notebook and pen and a mobile phone as well so that my parents can reach me any time. A small pouch bag as shown above is usually practical for me. 

If I have to bring more things, I would often choose a backpack. The pouch bag goes right in to hold the smaller items so I will not have to turn my bag upside down just to find something. But of course, young girls like me would rather do this fashionably so making the right choice is important.

Women and Bags

Grown-up women like my mom are different. They seem to bring everything with them so a roomy bag like the one shown above is more practical. I asked my mom what are the things she looks for when she buys a bag. She mentioned Quality, Style, and Functionality.

A bag is one of the most practical gifts we can give this Christmas for our female loved ones. That is what I was thinking when I was surfing the internet for gift ideas. During that search, I just discovered that ZALORA has an amazing collection of XOXO bags. Girls and women can never have enough of stylish bags that do not sacrifice quality and functionality. Check them out for yourself.
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Comfort and Style While Sleeping

I can only sleep well when I'm wearing comfortable sleepwear. Anything less would result to me waking up all grouchy. My favorite piece is this pink silk nightdress. 

The material is not scratchy at all like lace. It is soft and smooth and moves with me. The length is just right the way I like it. 

So after the daily hygiene routine before going to sleep, I can quietly relax in my room. Kitty and Piggy still sleep with me, as you see. I guess it will stay that way for several more years.

In a short while, I will be off to my pink dreamland where unicorns and fairies who are wearing their own pretty dresses are many. 

Sweet dreams everyone... Remember, you can still look pretty while comfortable in your sleep. Just find the right sleepwear that works for you.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Storytelling through a Scrapbook

When my Science teacher told me to tell a story of my life and development through pictures, I couldn't think of any better way to do it than using a scrapbook. In fact, I was so excited about the idea that I couldn't wait to start with it. So I immediately gathered all materials to work on it.

I was planning to make my own scrapbook at first but my hospitalization last week left me with less time than I thought I had. My mother had to buy a ready-made scrapbook from the bookstore so I can work on the project while I was getting well at home. That didn't make the activity less fun.

I printed pictures of myself from the time I was a baby up to the present. I also got construction papers of different colors, colored markers, assorted stickers, and glue. Then, I created my story. It was a great way to share a part of my young life.

One important thing that happened to me recently was the inclusion of this blog among the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015. I missed the awarding because of my sickness but this win will forever be in my heart. This award has encouraged me to work more on my blog and I will do just that.

Now to create more stories in my life...I wonder how many scrapbooks I will be able to fill.
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Friday, October 2, 2015

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2015

My blogging days started when I decided to compile the random photographs I took using my point-and-shoot camera. My art projects came next and then my somewhat uncharacteristic fashion choices soon followed. I feel so grown-up joining the Emerging Influential Blogs 2015 Writing Project. 

That is why I am so excited to present my very own list.

simply love flowers and I've discovered a fun way to learn       more about them through this blog.
Bags and shoes are my thing but as it turns out, this blog has       more to offer.

The author seems like a a very cool mom so it would be nice to       read about her mommy adventures.

This is an inviting read for girls who are set out to create their own adventure while traveling and more. 

I haven't traveled much yet and I am totally curious about how a couple travels around the world with their baby.

This blog got me at DIY but the author being into arts and crafts just made it perfect.

We all need to find the bright side of life if we are to enjoy and be happy and we start simple by surrounding ourselves with positivity just like this blog.

This blog invites us to look at the nice side and things in the Philippines. 

Food will always be an interesting topic and what better way to appreciate it than through a blog that offers recipes, recommendations, and reviews. 

My very own blog is actually very simple but it is every bit ME. Not too many girls my age are into blogging but I truly enjoy it. Through it, I hope I can encourage more to blog based on their own interests. 

The Emerging Influential Blogs 2015 Project is made possible through the following:

Digital Influencers Marketing Summit

Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program

Alfox Printing Services

One Network ECommerce

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Polka-Dotted Fish


Illustration Board

Construction Paper





1. Cut out a fish shape on the illustration board.

2. Cut out multi-colored strips using construction papers.

3. Cut out the shape of the eyes, lips, and fins.

4. Using the puncher, cut out multi-colored dots. 

5. Glue according to your preferred design.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Here Kitty, Kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty

Why are you alone?

Did you leave in a jiffy

When your mother wasn't home?

Here Kitty, Kitty

We can be friends

Not able to keep you is a pity

as my brother's allergy descends.

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Something Old, Something New Series 1

After raiding my mother's trunk of clothes she no longer wears, I found so many pieces that are still so wearable today. I have already shared before how much I enjoy matching old pieces to new ones. Today, I feature the very first of what I would like to call "Something Old,Something New" series.

Something Old: Blouse by Kamiseta

My something old for this post is my mother's pink blouse from Kamiseta. It features multi pleats in front which is a classic style. My mother says she bought and wore this blouse more than 15 years ago. That she is sure of as my older brother who is now 15 wasn't born yet during that time.

Something New: Skirt by Uniqlo

My something new for this post is my Uniqlo Skater Skirt. It was a gift from my older sister last month. Its light pink color is a perfect match to my mother's blouse of darker pink color.

To Complete the Look

I completed the look with bone-colored wedge sandals with floral touches, silver necklace and pendant and a genuine smile.

Occasion: my brother's confirmation
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Friday, August 21, 2015

Dress Up Your Gadget

Protection is the main reason why we need to put our mobile gadgets in the right bag or casing. There is however one more and that is to carry our devices in style. What should we consider when we dress up our gadgets?

Personal Liking

It is important to feel comfortable in anything that we wear. We can apply the same logic we use in choosing our clothes to how we dress up our gadgets. We choose based on color, style, and how we will use it.


Not many people can buy several clothing for their mobile devices. This is why we should choose something that we can bring for most occasions, if not all. We need to think about this if it necessary to always bring our gadgets.


What do we do with absolute cuteness that can serve us for only several months  when we can find one that can do the same for years? We recently bought several products from Halo Mobile Clothing and Swisstech as shown above to house our laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. So far, so good. 
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Creating My Own Succulent Terrarium

Terrariums can be very beautiful additions or accents to desks and other other small spaces. I thought terrariums were hard to do but I discovered a very easy version when I accompanied my mom to an event. Children of my age can easily do this on their own after getting some help from their parents with the materials.

Last July 18 during the launch of Serin East Tagaytay, I was lucky to have participated in the terrarium workshop sponsored by smartyplantsph

I was very excited even before we started because of the many creations I saw on display.

Each one was given a starter set containing a ceramic cup, a succulent plant, and brush. Gravel, soil, and decorative stones were also given per table. And we're all set.

We were told to place about an inch of gravel at the bottom before the soil. The plant was carefully transferred by putting it in the space provided at the middle. Then I added just little more soil to keep the plant in place. Then it was time to be creative by adding decorative stones on top and some other personal touches.

I found some decorative hearts and flowers from my craft supply at home for the finishing touch. And voila, I have created my own succulent terrarium. Reminder though, water the plant only after 2 weeks and then every 5 days thereafter.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Weekend Outfit: #ILoveYouSabado

Weekend clothes should be light and comfy. Since Jollibee just relaunched its I Love You Sabado jingle, I chose to wear this Uniqlo corporate collaboration t-shirt featuring the brand's logo, and paired it with denim capri pants and sneakers.

Whether it rains ...

...or shines,

I'm all set to go. I think its obvious I prefer the cool weather but nothing is going to stop me from enjoying my weekends with my family in style. I so love weekends.

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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Coffee Painting

When our art teacher told us to bring coffee granules for our next meeting, I was perplexed. Coffee for art class? Even old coffee granules would do, she says.

It turned out we're going to use coffee to paint. Our teacher asked us to make different shades from coffee. I learned that the longer the coffee is steeped in water, the darker the color becomes.

As you can see, my first attempt at coffee painting is very simple. With more practice, I hope I can come up with better artwork like the one below which I saw online.

You don't need to be limited by using a paintbrush. You can also use your fingers to spread the leftover coffee grounds after removing the water, on paper to create effects. My teacher said we can also use white crayon to trace our drawing and then just paint over with the coffee paint. The drawing will still be seen through the naturally stained paper.

Image Source

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Selfie Time

Who or what do I focus my camera on this time?

Shot this and that,

Found no reason or rhyme,

Everything just fell flat.

So I thought why not some selfie time, 

Why not indeed?

After all, it ain't no crime,

Just simple fun time guaranteed.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Dressing Up for Traditional May Festivals

Traditional May Festivals give me the perfect excuse to dress up,

To look like a queen even for a day,

But my personal taste is simple,

Nothing really flashy but beautiful just the same.

As Queen of the Stars in 2014...

to the Queen of Candles in 2015...

I try to retain my style,

which shows the real me.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Collectible Memories

There you were standing side by side,

In one almost forgotten corner of the house,

Gathering dust through the years,

Small trinkets and souvenirs representing collectible memories,

Serving as reminders of days and events,

That once mattered to us.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Summer Dress for Mom and Me

Warm wind greeted me,
As I walked out our door,
Let the hot summer be,
As my sundress won't be a bore.

Even my mom is ready,
To give the outside world a see,
Feeling fresh and steady,
That's a sundress for mom and me.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Toothpick Bridge Project

I never thought that a strong bridge can be made out of toothpicks and ordinary glue. This is what I found out as I watched my brother take on his Toothpick Bridge project for his Math subject. The challenge was to create a bridge made purely of toothpicks and glue that can withstand the strength test while incorporating the designated geometric figure which is the triangle.

Design Test:

As you can see, the triangle figure was maximized. Each triangle was painstakingly formed and allowed to dry before being glued together. Smaller triangles were formed in between by adding toothpicks. 

Strength Test:

The finished toothpick bridge was subjected to the drop test. It should not have a single misplaced piece after being dropped to the floor. It should also be able to withstand the weight of a medium-sized hardbound book as shown above. Luckily, my brother's project survived both tests earning him a perfect score of 100%.

Play Test:

And now for the play test...It can be a very interesting addition to our toys although I'm not really sure how it will fare in the hands of very young children. Let's just see.

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Friday, March 6, 2015

The Mask

The mask can be a creative work like what my brother did,

A part of a costume in a performance indeed,

But to me, it can be a playful disguise to hide,

Whatever it is I'm feeling inside.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Foldable Shoes - Comfort in Style

Wearing shoes for eight hours or more each day can really be quite uncomfortable. Our feet, like most parts of our body need to be able to breathe and have some sort of respite from the constriction felt in wearing regular closed shoes. This is especially so for women who have to wear high-heeled shoes at work. Fashionable foldable shoes can offer the needed rest for the feet without sacrificing style.

What are Foldable Shoes?

Foldable shoes, also called fold-up shoes or portable shoes are essentially flats in foldable version. They are very easy to carry around as they usually fit in small pouches. They can be a woman's best friend while partying, working, or traveling. With the wide range of choices available today, it is so easy to find one that best suits your needs. Of course, there are also men's versions but the available styles are not quite as extensive as that of women's.

How to Make the Right Choice

Obviously, not all foldable shoes are created equal. Generally, the easier they are to carry around, the less comfortable and sturdy they are. Rubber soles can certainly add comfort and protection but they tend to be bulkier than fabric soles. Leather is certainly heavier than satin for example when used as the main shoe material. The choice would really depend on where and how the shoes will be used.

Sturdier Than You Think

In spite of its fragile look, most foldable shoes are a lot sturdier than they are given credit for. However, they do not last as long as regular shoes and will not be able to provide needed support for all-day use. The waterproof sole makes it usable for the outdoors but it is best to remember that they are intended to be a back-up solution only for tired and sore feet. Foldable shoes are washable and can be used over and over again. 

My Foldable Shoes

Working in an office requires me to dress up professionally and that includes wearing equally professional-looking shoes which usually means wearing heels. Since most of my working hours involve a lot of sitting, I can afford to slip on to a pair of foldable shoes and change back to regular shoes when needed. 

I recently bought SpareSoles foldable shoes for the purpose. I admit that my first choice was based on looks as I absolutely love the brown-colored satin material. Besides, I was initially planning to just use the shoes indoors. I'd probably buy another one which I will use outdoors and I'm considering those with rubber soles next time. For now, I am just happy to be comfortable and yet still in style.
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