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Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Wishing Well 💖

Your wishes can come true through this magical well!

Today I'am going to teach you how to make it.


1. Gather all your materials:
           a. 36 trapezoidal wooden blocks
           b. 2 rectangular wooden posts
           c. paint (any color)
           d. metal pail (optional)
           e. small decorations (flowers, ribbons, glitters, etc.)
           f. wood glue
           g. 2 small wooden triangles
           h. 2 big wooden triangles

2. Assemble your 36 wooden blocks and form a hexagonal shape       and then form an alternate design, glue the  pieces in place.

3. Get your 2 rectangular wooden posts, and then place on top       of the completed base of the well,then glue on the sides of the base.  


4. Get your 2 small triangles , glue on top of the 2             wooden posts.

5. Get your 2 bigger triangles, glue in place diagonally.

6. Assemble your choice of color paints, get ready to paint         your well!
7.  Then attach small decorations to your well. (this is             optional).

                       *YOU ARE DONE!!*    
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