Thursday, July 31, 2014

Artful Expressions of Love

Last night I fell asleep quite early but I remember my daughter trying to wake me up. She was saying something about a surprise. But my eyes just can't seem to open.

It was already early morning when I woke up with a start. My daughter was sleeping beside me. I saw these drawings on the bedroom table and can't help smiling at my daughter's artful expressions of love.

I probably have dozens of these coming in all sorts and sizes of paper. The small ones are tucked in my wallet, the bigger ones in a clear book. Some are pinned on our cork board or held by magnets on the fridge.

She is especially fond of drawing us together and it will always come with the words "I love mama". I know she will not always be this expressive especially when she grows up but I'm hoping she will not change. Maybe it's about time I draw something for her,inscribed with the words "I love Ada".

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  1. Children can be so thoughtful. Beautiful artwork.


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