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Sunday, February 18, 2018

What Will Be Your Debut Color Motif?

Times have changed according to my mother. According to her, pastel colors like light pink or baby blue were common choices for color motif for debut parties. These colors are said to represent youth, sweetness, and everything associated with a young girl blossoming into womanhood.


Bolder color motif choices are being seen on debut parties. One that I've seen recently is my cousin Jessa's debut party. She chose to use her favorite colors black and red; the former being a color choice that used to be reserved for somber occasions and the latter for more festive events. Black, which has always been a  very classy color turned out to be a chic choice. 

Red made sure that the debutante stood out from the sea of black dresses for the traditional cotillion dance. What does this say about debut color motif choices the? That a debutante can choose what color she sees fit to use.

I have about 5 years to think about my choice.

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

How Teens are Reinventing Formal Wear

Teens are not known to be fond of wearing formal wear. Many say it's uncomfortable, restrictive, or just plain fussy. Apparently, teens have found a way around this. Just look at how my friends did it.

Greek Goddess in Golden Sneakers

While my good friend Athena (named after the a Greek Goddess)who recently celebrated her 13th birthday, was willing to go all out with the formal wear and accessories, she opted to wear gold sneakers with her dress. I can surely understand why. After all she has so many things to do as star of the night. As you can see, she carried herself so gracefully and elegantly even in sneakers.

A lot of girls during the event had the same idea by coming in formal clothes paired with sneakers.

Dance Partner in Walking Shorts and Trainers

Looking at this picture of a male friend of ours, you wouldn't notice anything extraordinary. Once you see the full picture though, the unexpected sight of walking shorts and trainers he is wearing may be an initial surprise but certainly lent a comfy feel to an otherwise formal coat and tie look. He definitely carried his outfit with the confidence only a person truly comfortable with himself can do.

Many young male guests were also seen with long-sleeved polo shirts and ties but also sporting their reliable trainers.

The Classic Option

And then there were those like me who played it safe by going for dresses and heeled shoes for females and coat and tie with long pants and leather shoes for males. What is important though is that everyone had fun. It's nice to have the freedom to express ourselves in what we wear.

Us teens have reinvented formal wear in the name of comfort and personal style but can still definitely bring it on, under strict dress codes when needed.

Fashionable Mother

I simply have to say this, the celebrant's mother, Tita Tonee's outfit is very classy, made sporty by the gold elevated sneakers she is wearing. So clearly, fashion is not the monopoly of teens.

What I'm Wearing

Floral Flared Dress by Tees and Things

Beige Pumps by Chelsea

Stay tuned for our next fashion watch as we look for the best, unique, and most interesting outfits to feature in my blog.
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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Novuhair Holiday Bash Promo

I have always enjoyed a close relationship with my family. So much so that we can good-naturedly tease each other without taking offense. One of the most common topics when it comes to my father is his thinning hair.

Although all of us enjoy the joke within the family, I have been trying to find a fitting gift for him to address this concern. My father does not pay too much attention to his physical appearance especially if it would mean taking precious time from us and his work. But I know that if given the choice, he would like to find a simple solution to stop hair loss.

NOVUHAIR - The Product

After some research, I came across NOVUHAIR. I found it through its site www.novuhair.comNOVUHAIR® TOPICAL SCALP LOTION is a unique combination of 19 natural ingredients and essential oils formulated to stop hair loss. Reading on, I learned that it does not only address hair loss but is also "highly recommended for men and women, 12 years and above, who would like to regain hair luster and vibrancy, stimulate hair growth, those who are looking for a natural alternative solution to prevent dandruff and scalp itchiness and to those who are in need of cleansing and detoxification".

Now that sounds like a product that my whole family would have use of and a gift which my father will truly appreciate.

NOVUHAIR Holiday Bash Promo

It seems that I've found NOVUHAIR just in time for its holiday promo. For its Christmas and Year-End Promo, you can get an extra NOVUHAIR Herbal Shampoo 200 ml. worth P1,040 for FREE if you buy a NOVUHAIR 3-in-1 pack at participating WATSONS stores nationwide (DOH-FDA CCRR Permit No.: 967 s. 2017).

Opt for the best with this Christmas and Year-End promo. Whether it’s a luxury gift for your loved ones, or a self-indulgent treat for you, NOVUHAIR has the perfect gift to inspire and keep you party-ready this Holiday season, while providing you with the ultimate styling result.

For inquiries, please call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575. You may also visit Novuhair’s Facebook page – Novuhair Official.
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Monday, December 11, 2017

Win P100,000 By Creating an Ever Bilena Makeup Video

At my age, I don't wear makeup often. That should explain my non-expertise in this subject. If you see me outside, chances are you'd see me in my natural self.

The last time I had full makeup on for was a graduation picture. Up to this time, I still could not get over seeing an altered me. If given the choice, I want my graduation pictures showing an enhanced me instead of an altered one. Just me, prettier than usual... ha ha. I know you get the idea. I would like to be able to see how I actually looked at certain stages in my life many years from now.

So I vowed to myself, I will be ready next time. As expected, my main go-to reference is the internet for some tips I can use in my future pictorials. I've always found it enjoyable to watch video tutorials for crafts and diy projects. Lately, I started to become interested in makeup tutorials. 

That is why I would like to share Ever Bilena's "The Big Beauty Challenge".

Create an Ever Bilena makeup video and win P100,000

Explore your creative side, step into the new wave of glam by creating your own makeup tutorial video and get a chance to win P100,000 in this year’s “Ever Bilena’s Big Beauty Challenge”.

Now on its second year, Ever Bilena encourages vloggers, aspiring and professional makeup artists residing in the Philippines to produce a makeup video using Ever Bilena products and following the specified weekly theme. The video must run from one to three minutes and must show participants applying makeup on themselves. No models allowed. 

The weekly theme will be posted every Friday on the Ever Bilena Cosmetics Facebook page. Participants have seven days to create their videos. All entries must be uploaded by Thursday 11:59 PM on the participant’s Facebook page with the hashtags  #EBBigBeautyChallengeYear2 and #everbilena. Participants can submit as many videos as they wish. 

One winner will be chosen every week and will receive P15,000 cash. All weekly winners will compete in the grand finals. The contest will run from December 15 until February 22, 2018. This year’s Big Beauty Challenge winner will receive P70, 000 cash and P30, 000 worth of Ever Bilena Products.

Criteria for judging are: Ever Bilena products used in the video, 20%; creativity, 40%; makeup executions and skills, 20%; and most number of views and shares, 20%.

To know more about Ever Bilena and “The BIG Beauty Challenge,” visit  and Facebook page,

I cannot wait to see the entries for this contest as I'm sure I will get a load of makeup tips from experts and enthusiasts. 
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Friday, November 24, 2017

Music Spotlight - Mic Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

The very popular and well-loved 7 boy member K-Pop group BTS or known by other names like Bangtan Boys, Behind The Scene, Bulletproof Boy Scouts or  Bangtan Sonyeondanjust composed of:

Jin (진) – vocals
Suga (슈가) – rapper
J-Hope (제이홉) – rapper
RM – leader, rapper
Jimin (지민) – vocals
V (뷔) – vocals
Jungkook (정국) – vocals

released their music video MIC Drop remixed by American musician Steven Hiroyuki "Steve" Aoki.  It is now trending in you tube and I just taught I'd share it to all of you. 

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

How to Achieve Different Looks Without Drastic Hairstyle Change

Sponsored Post 

This is my natural everyday look. Truth be told, I'm not very adventurous when it comes to hair style. That doesn't stop me from trying different looks though. So read on and find out how to achieve different looks without resorting to drastic hair change.

Even the thought of simply getting some bangs send shivers down my spine. Having a hair cut has always been a struggle with myself. I have this feeling of dread of making a mistake in my choice that I will have to end up enduring a long bout of bad hair days. My mother teased me once that I could wear a wig instead. Unknown to her, that actually sparked an interest in me and I found myself searching online about it. 

What I found certainly had more options than just getting some bangs. I saw lace front wigs of every length, color, and style. What's so exciting about it is that they all have such a beautiful and natural look that it would be hard to guess that they are actually wigs.

My imagination ran wild with the possibilities. Imagine having the freedom to try the gray and pink wig with soft curls above then change into this short option in a wink of an eye. All these without having to expose my hair to possible damage due to color and perm treatment. There appears to be a style to fit every occasion.

After achieving different looks depending on the occasion, I can quietly go back to the real me. While I love myself as is, what girl can resist the opportunity to experiment without unnecessary consequences? After all, this is the only way of knowing which hairstyles fit us.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

foodpanda Presents Food Photography 101

foodpanda interviews one of its top-photographers to guarantee glamorous food snaps

Nowadays, everyone loves taking pictures of their food, whether it’s fiddling with filters to enhance images, or using special lenses for professional results - before actually digging in and enjoying a meal. But according to foodpanda, there are several even simpler tips to ensure masterful food photos without having to buy professional gadgets!

What is considered to be most important when taking food photos?

It’s pretty difficult to pinpoint ‘the most important’ aspect to consider when taking photos of food, because a good photo depends on many factors, from lighting and technique to having an aesthetic eye, and of course the food itself. However, one of the most important things to consider is authenticity and to stay true to your individual style. Once you have your own style, you should stick to it, as it will serve as an expression of your personality.

Do you need a professional camera to achieve the above or can you take cool pictures with a smartphone?

You can certainly achieve all of this with your smartphone! Having a professional camera has great benefits, but you are definitely not limited with a smartphone. If you know what factors to consider when taking pictures, you are guaranteed professional-looking images. You can also always edit pictures with the help of white balance settings or playing with one of the countless photography apps.

Do ingredients play a role in pictures?

That’s a pretty good question, because it doesn’t cross most people’s minds, but the contents of the dish do play a role in photos. There are many dishes that don’t photograph well, so you need to consider adding fresh ingredients that would enhance the picture. The next time you order food that is not photogenic, consider using fresh ingredients with great colours available in your kitchen. Feel free to arrange them nicely and test the angle.

Should you use raw ingredients around the dish in photos. What is the benefit?

Raw ingredients make for great extra props, especially with foods that don’t photograph well. As mentioned, the addition of raw ingredients make the photo look fresh, while bright colours would make your photos pop. 

If a dish looks crowded, will the picture be less appealing?

Yes, simplicity is key. The plate should be nicely arranged and not in an overwhelming way. To help you envision what that means, think about how you can keep the outer white space of the plate clear. I would suggest to just use a small portion of your meal to take the photo, and then later on enjoy it in its entirety!

What about including hands in the photo? Is that a no-go?

Adding a human element to your pictures actually makes for a good picture, as it shows viewers that you are taking the picture from your own point of view and creates a sense of presence. You could take a picture holding cutlery, or you could simply lay your hand on the side. Holding ingredients in hand (rosemary, cranberry etc.) is a great idea. Just test the angles and you’re sure to take a perfect shot!

What are the best angles to use when taking food pictures?

Angles are the visual language connecting you and your audience, and my two favorites are the top angle and the front angle. Of course, there a lot of different angles that work, but these are my personal favorite when taking food pictures.  

And is there any necessity for professional gadgets? 

If you’re not a professional photographer, it’s not necessary to invest in technical additions. Improvisation couldn’t be easier! Here are some super helpful tips: 

Decorate - use a wooden board to place your food, white baking paper or paper bag as a background, even spread some baking powder around for that extra effect!

Use a napkin to take out excess oil from some dishes - oily dishes don’t photograph well and it will taste just the same.

Put your food close to a window. Natural lightning is key to having the best pictures.

Don’t have a selfie stick to take pictures from a high angle? Stand on a chair! 

Use styrofoam as a substitute for reflectors, they work wonders!

Set the focus point correctly on the main dish - simply click on the screen of your mobile phone.

Any obvious tips? Golden rules?

It might seem obvious, but it needs to be said that you should always keep the plate clean, especially when shooting close-ups. If there are smudges or imperfections, it would make the food look unappealing. Another tip would be to set up your perfect shot before your meal arrives -- food comes last in the composition process. Lastly, arrangement is a golden rule, as it is the key to a successful picture. 

Food photography ultimately amounts to your interaction with your meal. Specific arrangements, differing camera angles, the use of natural lighting, and the human element are just some of the things to consider. This process takes time and postpones the moment of eventually taking that very first bite of a delicious meal. But the anticipation makes this experience all the greater, so take out your camera and enjoy snapping some cool shots using the above tips. Just don’t let that meal get too cold!


About foodpanda:

foodpanda is dedicated to bringing food lovers around the world their favorite meals from curated local restaurants. Since its creation, the on-demand food delivery service has grown to more than 14,000 partner restaurants in more than 30 cities across 9 Asian countries globally. foodpanda is active in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Taiwan, Philippines, Bangladesh and Brunei. It belongs to Delivery Hero, worldwide leader of the food delivery industry. For more information visit

How it works:

Through the foodpanda website or via the new iOS and Android apps, customers can enter their area and view a curated list of restaurants serving their neighborhood. Once they have found their meal of choice, they can place an order in the comfort of their home or office, paying online through foodpanda’s secure platform. The order is then carefully prepared by the restaurant, picked up by the foodpanda rider and delivered straight to their doorstep.
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