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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Something Old, Something New Series 4

Here I go again. 

After successfully raiding my mother's chest of treasured clothes (again) which she said she purposely saved for me, I believe I came up with another winning combination. This time, with a blouse and skirt from Kamiseta

If you have read my previous posts from the Something Old Something New Series, you will end up with the conclusion like I did that my mother seriously favors this brand. With the fashion ideas I'm getting even from styles from many years ago, I can easily understand why. 

Something Old

I actually used two old pieces from Kamiseta, a floral shirt and a white maxi skirt.

Floral Shirt

With summer making itself felt, I cannot resist this comfy cotton shirt that came with multi-colored flower prints. It has a flat collar with two small pockets.  It is buttoned up in front.

White Maxi Skirt

This A-Line maxi skirt comes with 2 side strings to tie at the back. It also has one pocket. 

Something New

I did not use any new clothing item this time but I did come up with something new. Noticed how I wore the blouse and skirt. Instead of just wearing it the ordinary way which is either to put the blouse over the skirt or tucking in the shirt, I gave it a unique twist by cris-crossing the skirt strings from the front to the back. This technique gave shape and edge to the look.

With clothes that still look like new, who needs new clothes?

I liked the look so much that I wore it to watch the last of Ballet Manila's Revenge of the Classics feature which was Don Quixote. If I may say so, my look is as classic as the show I watched. Bravo!
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Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Take on the Classic Denim Pants and White Shirt Combination

Denim pants and white shirt combination is always a fashionable outfit. Except probably for strictly formal events, you can dress up or down this classic combo to fit any occasion. Here is my take on the classic denim pants and white shirt combination.

Uniqlo Long Sleeved Shirt

My choice for my top is a white Uniqlo long sleeved shirt from the Ines de la Fressange line. The red-lined buttonhole is an interesting yet simple detail. It is made of light cotton material that is so comfortable, I hardly noticed I was wearing a long-sleeved top.

Kashieca Denim Jogger Pants

I paired this shirt with my Kashieca denim draw-string waist jogger pants. I simply love the fit, not too tight nor too loose. It is just right as it allows me to move with freedom without losing that fashionable edge.

Charles and Keith Sneakers

Just like any girl my age, I am most comfortable wearing sneakers. The navy blue Charles and Keith elevated sneakers gave the perfect touch to the smart casual look I wanted to achieve. 

Complete the Look

I decided to accessorize with a classic pair of pearl earrings. With my hair tied in half-pony tail and a smile on my face, I was good to go for my family's post Valentine eat-out.

Hoping it's not yet too late to greet my readers a Happy Hearts' Month!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

New Year's Day OOTD

Year 2016 was good to me but I cannot help but be excited with the Year 2017. For my first post for the year, I present my New Year's Day OOTD. This outfit is just perfect to start off what I hope to be a fashionably fun year ahead.

Billie Cap Sleeve Skater Dress

Description: The Billie cap sleeve is a fit and flare dress. This features a fitted upper body, cap sleeves and a flowing skirt finishing above the knee line. 

Composition: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane

Venus Double Sole Lace Up Sneaker 

Description: A modern update to a classic silhouette, Venus from Rubi features a distinctive double sole and a cool minimal upper.

Coming in a range of basic to trend fabrications there is a Venus for every girl, outfit and mood!

Chilly Day

After going to Church, our family decided to watch a movie at the mall. This is where it got a bit chilly. Of course, my reliable black cardigan comes to the rescue. 

Dress and shoes from Cotton On
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Monday, December 12, 2016

Something Old, Something New Series 3

It has been a while since my last Something Old, Something New Post but I have a delightful surprise for you. I found a genuine Montagut shirt among my mom's clothes. She says it belonged to my grandmother so it should be at least 50 years old. Upon checking the brand's history, I believe this is made of their famous and unique material known as FIL LUMIERE.  

Montagut's Fil Lumiere

Montagut is a French brand that was established in 1880. Its founder Adolphe Tinland, created a silk factory powered by the river. Before it ventured into sweaters and shirts, it was producing lingerie and stockings. During the 1960s, it came up with its Fil Lumiere creation which literally translates to "light yarn". It was an artificial yarn containing all the features of silk.

Beauty and Durability

As you can see, this shirt has maintained its vibrant color and perfect fit for more than 50 years. Most of the clothes now would not even last for 6 months without losing its form and original color. It's so comfortable to wear that I decided to pair it off with my black leggings and Happy Feet sneakers so I can join the fun in our village Christmas party without looking less fashionable.

I love my mom's chest of treasured clothes. 

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Monday, November 7, 2016


Oh wooden bench, why do you look so quiet?
Are you waiting for someone to spend time with you?
So many thoughts spoken out loud creating inner riot,
Knowing there is no one to hear and judge too.

Prayers of the heart you hear often,
With words that can only be uttered in solitude,
Your offer of rest remains open,
Everyone leaves with immense gratitude.

While a young girl whispers her birthday wish,
And lights a candle to send it on its way,
You beckon her to sit and let her spirit flourish,
To let her know this is her special day!


Photo by Ada
Text by Mama
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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Artful Chapter Goes to Baskin-Robbins Bonifacio High Street in Style

Yesterday, I went to the opening of the 14th branch of Baskin-Robbins in our country. It can be found at B8 Bonifacio High Street BGC, Taguig. So what did I choose to wear for such an event that spells fun and a lot of delicious ice cream?

Baskin-Robbins BHS

This Baskin-Robbins branch is located in one of the trendier spots in the city - Bonifacio High Street. I had to make sure that I choose something that is trendy but comfortable. It was a very hot day, after all.

When my family got to the store, there was already a long line of people wanting to sample Baskin-Robbins ice cream. There was a special offer to buy an ice cream scoop for only PHP 31. This offer was good for the whole day. 

When I heard that Baskin-Robbins also had ice cream cakes, I simply had to see the choices for myself. I have been requesting my mom for one since my last birthday. Maybe this year I would get that wish. Imagine getting my 2 favorite desserts which are cake and ice cream, in one?

So What Did I Wear?

I chose to wear a shirt dress of light material with comic book prints in black and white. I also used a black skinny belt for accent. And since we hardly ever find a parking space very near our place of destination at BGC, I played it safe and wore my reliable black mid cut rubber shoes so I'm ready for walking. 

Wearing the right clothes for an event makes it possible to maximize enjoyment. Eating ice cream wouldn't be as much fun if I have to be limited by my clothes. No heavy clothes, and certainly no part of the clothes that can accidentally dip in ice cream. I so love all the Baskin-Robbins treats that were served.

It was already dark when we left BGC. I'm happy to know though that I can look forward to delicious ice cream every time we come back. Try some yourself. You won't regret it. 

#BaskinRobbinsBHS  #BaskinRobbinsPh

 For more updates, check out or its social media accounts:, Twitter, and Instagram @baskinrobbinsph.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Styling My Brother's OOTD

How easy (or hard) is it to style an OOTD (Outfit for the Day) for my own brother?  A bit hard on the convincing side as he is probably the least fashion-conscious person in the family. Considerably easy when it comes to mixing  and matching what he has. Thanks to his special liking for simple and classic styles.

The T-Shirt and Slippers Guy

I already mentioned that my brother is the least fashion-conscious in our family. In fact, he typically reaches out for the first t-shirt and shorts he can find, as well as automatically wearing slippers when we go out. His main concern is comfort. So I asked him if I can choose his outfit one day. After some pleading from me, he agreed on the condition that I will not ask him to wear something uncomfortable and "not him".

My Choice Pieces for My Brother's OOTD

After some minutes of looking into his closet, I chose these:

H&M Poloshirt

Dickies Walking Shorts

Adidas Neo Rubber Shoes

Promise Fulfilled

So there, I think I was able to fulfill my promise to come up with a comfortable but fashionable outfit for my brother. Thank you Kuya for cooperating.
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Artful Chapter Goes to Baskin-Robbins Bonifacio High Street in Style

Artful Chapter Goes to Baskin-Robbins Bonifacio High Street in Style
Baskin-Robbins at B8 Bonifacio High Street BGC, Taguig.

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