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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Artful Chapter Goes to Baskin-Robbins Bonifacio High Street in Style

Yesterday, I went to the opening of the 14th branch of Baskin-Robbins in our country. It can be found at B8 Bonifacio High Street BGC, Taguig. So what did I choose to wear for such an event that spells fun and a lot of delicious ice cream?

Baskin-Robbins BHS

This Baskin-Robbins branch is located in one of the trendier spots in the city - Bonifacio High Street. I had to make sure that I choose something that is trendy but comfortable. It was a very hot day, after all.

When my family got to the store, there was already a long line of people wanting to sample Baskin-Robbins ice cream. There was a special offer to buy an ice cream scoop for only PHP 31. This offer was good for the whole day. 

When I heard that Baskin-Robbins also had ice cream cakes, I simply had to see the choices for myself. I have been requesting my mom for one since my last birthday. Maybe this year I would get that wish. Imagine getting my 2 favorite desserts which are cake and ice cream, in one?

So What Did I Wear?

I chose to wear a shirt dress of light material with comic book prints in black and white. I also used a black skinny belt for accent. And since we hardly ever find a parking space very near our place of destination at BGC, I played it safe and wore my reliable black mid cut rubber shoes so I'm ready for walking. 

Wearing the right clothes for an event makes it possible to maximize enjoyment. Eating ice cream wouldn't be as much fun if I have to be limited by my clothes. No heavy clothes, and certainly no part of the clothes that can accidentally dip in ice cream. I so love all the Baskin-Robbins treats that were served.

It was already dark when we left BGC. I'm happy to know though that I can look forward to delicious ice cream every time we come back. Try some yourself. You won't regret it. 

#BaskinRobbinsBHS  #BaskinRobbinsPh

 For more updates, check out or its social media accounts:, Twitter, and Instagram @baskinrobbinsph.
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Styling My Brother's OOTD

How easy (or hard) is it to style an OOTD (Outfit for the Day) for my own brother?  A bit hard on the convincing side as he is probably the least fashion-conscious person in the family. Considerably easy when it comes to mixing  and matching what he has. Thanks to his special liking for simple and classic styles.

The T-Shirt and Slippers Guy

I already mentioned that my brother is the least fashion-conscious in our family. In fact, he typically reaches out for the first t-shirt and shorts he can find, as well as automatically wearing slippers when we go out. His main concern is comfort. So I asked him if I can choose his outfit one day. After some pleading from me, he agreed on the condition that I will not ask him to wear something uncomfortable and "not him".

My Choice Pieces for My Brother's OOTD

After some minutes of looking into his closet, I chose these:

H&M Poloshirt

Dickies Walking Shorts

Adidas Neo Rubber Shoes

Promise Fulfilled

So there, I think I was able to fulfill my promise to come up with a comfortable but fashionable outfit for my brother. Thank you Kuya for cooperating.
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Monday, August 1, 2016

ShopBackPH Rewards Us for Shopping

In what place in this universe can we get rewarded for shopping? Apparently, in the online world, there is one such place - ShopBackPH, which gives its shoppers the chance to save money while in the act of actually spending money! Does that make sense? Read on to better understand.


ShopBackPH is a new online shopping portal where shoppers can get the best deals and discounts from over 300 stores. What makes it different from the rest is its Cashback feature. Simply put, it is giving back a portion of our purchased amount which just means unlimited savings whenever we shop. Clearer now? 

Rewards from Shopping

Let's get on to the details of getting those rewards from shopping. 

1. Sign up with ShopBack. Click on the chosen store through ShopBack to get redirected to the store's website.

2. Shop like you would in any other online shop and make that purchase.

3. You will get you cashback from ShopBack within 48 hours. You can always check this through the Pending tab.

4. Payout of your cashback can be requested once reaching the redeemable threshold amount of Php 300. Any bonus can also be redeemed once reaching this amount.

5. Cash out your cashback through your PayPal account or your bank account.


More Value in Online Shopping

Many people, including our family, have discovered the great convenience of online shopping. There are actually so many online shops to choose from but I learned from my mother that it is always best to look for better value. Being a young lady who readily admits to enjoying shopping, learning the value of savings prepares me to be a wiser shopper. I recently noticed one exciting cashback offer from CashCashPinoy so I'm in the process of finding the best deal under its offered promotion especially in the fashion category.

I'll be giving you an update of my purchases in the days to come. 

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Selena Gomez Adidas Neo Label

Hearing the news about Selena Gomez's upcoming concert in Manila on July 31, 2016 inspired me to do this post. I am a fan and that sometimes extends to the clothes she wears. Of course, I am always careful to choose the styles appropriate to my age. In fact, I have 2 items in my wardrobe which came from the Selena Gomez Adidas Neo Label collection, the Selena Gomez park mid shoes and the denim vest. 

The worn-in denim vest has collar embellishments which totally rocked it. It added interest to my black patched shirt and shorts outfit. Don't you agree?

To better describe the shoes, I am quoting the description from the Adidas online site. The Selena Gomez park mid shoes is the star's take on old-school basketball style. As you can see, it has hot pops of bright color which is a nice contrast to the basic black color. This hi-top shoes also has touches of tonal zebra print. 

I wish I can watch Selena Gomez's concert. I will surely use these two items but am thinking of pairing it with a dress. Who knows? My wish may just come true!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dress-up Your Slippers

I have a pair of plain black slippers which I used once as part of a costume for our school's last foundation day celebration. It was not exciting to use to say the least so I thought of dressing it up a bit. The result was my own glamorized slippers.


1. pair of plain slippers (any color)

2. clear glue

3. decorative materials like glitters, sequence, accents,etc.

4. paintbrush

5. used but clean disposable cup


1. Mix glue with glitters and sequence in a cup using the paintbrush.

2. Brush the mixture on the y-shaped strap or thong.

3. Brush the same mixture on the sides of each slipper. 

4. Add desired accents.

Wear and Have Fun!

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

From Blouse to Dress

From the time I saw my mother's floral printed blouse, I knew I'd like to wear it some day. That day came when I accompanied my mother to the Avida Homepossible Familyscape Conference. During that event , I converted this piece of clothing from blouse to dress.

It was the just right length for my height, not too short to make me uncomfortable nor too long to look so formal. Paired with white canvas shoes, I was able to achieve a smart casual look that is but fitting to a venue like Fairmont Hotel. With my long hair tied in a pony tail, it was easy to move around taking pictures while my mom joined the other bloggers interviewing the celebrity speakers.

My mother's preference for classic styles is turning out good for me. In the photo above, my mother first wore this blouse when I graduated from pre-school. To think I am in 6th grade in the opening of this school year and I get to wear it without the blouse looking like a thing from the past.

I was so happy to have a chance to have a picture taken with one of the celebrity speakers for the day, the very pretty Cheska Garcia Kramer although it may not show here. For some reason, the camera we used chose to be uncooperative and by the time the picture was taken, my jaw was tired of holding the smile. Credits to Ms. Cheska who never lost her smile all throughout even with several other people waiting in line to have their picture taken with her.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dress Up Like a Princess Without Spending Like One

There are very few occasions that girls get to dress up like a princess. Debuts, proms, and traditional events like the Santacruzan are just examples. A girl gets to be 18 only once and gets to attend a prom twice in her life. The number of times a girl can join an activity like the Santacruzan can be unlimited but the cost of a gown to wear every time may be a reason to limit participation.

In as much as Ada likes participating in activities that require her to dress up differently, I posed a challenge to her to come up with her Santacruzan outfit without me spending more than PHP 500. I knew it was a tall order given the very limited budget, but I knew she'll come up with something. She knew exactly where to look and that was our trunk of previously used but quality clothes.

She wanted to look extra elegant this year, a far cry from her usual toned-down fashion sense exhibited in the past Santacruzan events. I saw the glint in her eyes when she looked at her older sister's ballroom skirt used during her debut. From there it was easy to match this blouse which we bought several years ago for no reason except that it was being sold for a mere PHP 50 in a shop that was about to close down. This was the first time it was used.

She used the PHP 500 I gave her to buy gold flat shoes, a camisole, and a gold sash to cinch her waist. Again it was proven that it pays to invest in good quality clothes with classic style. This picture of my two daughters wearing the same ballroom skirt 17 years apart shows this fact very clearly. By the way, the gown that my eldest daughter used cost about PHP 1,200 then, a reasonable cost even during those times.

My eldest daughter used it during her 18th birthday celebration while my youngest who is only 11, used it just yesterday for the Santacruzan. Take note that they are 23 years apart in age. A classic clothing piece never becomes outdated but lends an air of sophistication in what is actually a very simple look. 

These are my daughters who looked every inch like princesses without spending like one.

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Artful Chapter Goes to Baskin-Robbins Bonifacio High Street in Style

Artful Chapter Goes to Baskin-Robbins Bonifacio High Street in Style
Baskin-Robbins at B8 Bonifacio High Street BGC, Taguig.

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